Oh, my dearest brides!

This work is for You and Your unstoppable, unbearable lust for love under control.
Here comes my hommage to the female will to power:
The bride proudly and happily exposes herself, forgetting about any male beings left on her way to the top. Every seperation is a decapitation, so what?
Upright she is standing, survivor of all battles, unconscious about the sleeping beauties hiding or resting in peace below her never ending fairytale-dress.
The white bridal dress as an intenational history of success:
With astonished admiration I keep regarding magical turkish ladies getting married in the biggest mosque of Germany (Duisburg-Marxloh), dominant, blood lusty neapolitan Madonnas and highly sophisticated perfect chinese beauties getting strangely unified under the same banner: The global cult of the mystical veil of vanity.
But what would be beauty without danger, what is lust without fear?
Endangered already by obscure prophecies of intergalactic viral attacs, oh please, my dearest Miss Skywalker, don’t You dare forgetting about Your father, ok?
The world is Yours.

Ristow 2012

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